Artblock: Ways to fight it

Artblock. It’s something that all artists face from time to time. I know that when it hits me, it hits me hard. So instead of sitting around for months or weeks like I usually do, I took to the internet and looked up art prompts. I clicked on the first google link and clicked around until I got a prompt that inspired me and drew what it said. What did it say? A cuddly slime monster. It sounded adorable, so I drew it as I love adorable things. adoraslime

Now its not the best thing in the world, but this was enough to inspire me of other things to draw. The website, ArtPrompts, also had some good tips on there as well. I would suggest this website if you need to get out of your artblock or just want to try something new. Click here.


Another way that I try to ward off artblock is by drawing my favorite characters. Usually that ends up with me drawing a ton of Kirby pictures, but sometimes leads me to other characters. My Ray of Light - Copy.png

Here we have Lucius from Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, or just Fire Emblem as this was the first Fire Emblem game brought to the west. He’s absolutely one of my most favorite Fire Emblem characters right after Soren (from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn). I drew him after getting another case of artblock and that inspired me to draw yet another Fire Emblem character. Well, that and because of a dream I had. I’m still working on that one though.

So what have we learned today? When in doubt browse the internet or draw your favorite things to keep yourself on a roll. Anything is better than nothing.


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