Art Goals

Art goals. We all have them. It’s better to start off small with your goals, so I’ve decided to write out what I plan to accomplish for this year.

First off is hands.

Yes, hands. My worst nightmare. I’ve already started trying to improve how I draw them by looking for all sorts of references. BY drawing hands more often, at least one every day, I’ll be able to slowly make progress. Hopefully the way I draw hands will be improved  exponentially by next year.

Next up is facial expressions.

I have a problem with drawing either happy or sad expressions that look exactly the same on each character I draw. Sure, I drew a character that looked extremely disappointed before (even though he was supposed to look emotionless), but I need variety! No more overly happy characters! Variation is best!

Finally, basic human anatomy.

If I could draw anatomy well my pictures would be so much better.  It’ll be a long road, but small steps eventually lead to greatness. I don’t expect to get that much better in one year so I’ll just think of this as the first part of improving myself.

There are other things that I want to improve on as well, but these three are my main concerns. Slow and steady wins the race, so I won’t rush myself if I don’t see instant improvement. I hope everyone else can achieve their goals for the year as well- art wise or not.

P.S: Happy Valentine’s Day. Have a Kirby.   c:



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