Here's a little something I made back in December.     It's a crossover between END ROLL and Kirby. The guy in green is called Tabasa. He's one of my favorite characters from the game. While the game is a fantastic RPGMaker game, I wouldn't really suggest it to just anyone. It deals with some … Continue reading END ROLL


Art Goals

Art goals. We all have them. It's better to start off small with your goals, so I've decided to write out what I plan to accomplish for this year. First off is hands. Yes, hands. My worst nightmare. I've already started trying to improve how I draw them by looking for all sorts of references. … Continue reading Art Goals

Artblock: Ways to fight it

Artblock. It's something that all artists face from time to time. I know that when it hits me, it hits me hard. So instead of sitting around for months or weeks like I usually do, I took to the internet and looked up art prompts. I clicked on the first google link and clicked around … Continue reading Artblock: Ways to fight it


A Happy New Year

Something I made last month for New Year's. The characters are Lucas and Claus from Mother 3 and Ness from Earthbound. This was originally supposed to be a Christmas picture, but I got distracted by other things (specifically video games). Claus, (the boy in the middle) was going to be dressed as a reindeer. I … Continue reading A Happy New Year